Register Your Protection! - Warranty Info

You should be free to focus on pursuing your passion without having to worry about your gear. The GECKODERM Protective Skin faithfully protects your gear from whatever the road, mountain or court can throw at it-- allowing you to focus on what you care about most, your PASSION!


GECKODERM is meant to take a hit. If it is damaged in the process, we will cover that.  Thats why we offer a warranty included with each of our protective products that lasts for the lifetime of the specific piece of gear it is used for! Here is what is included in the warranty:


If any portion of the protective skin is damaged while protecting your bike frame, send us a photo of the damaged area and we will replace the damaged piece for free! (Give us 1-2 weeks to process). This can be done up to 5 times and lasts as long as it is applied to the same bike! 


Since the e-skate and longboard skins come in one-piece, we cannot replace the entire product free of charge. However, if you send us a photo of the damaged skin, and can show that the replacement will be for the same board, we will replace your GECKODERM protective skin with a brand new one for 50% off! 


If any of the four pieces is chipped or nicked while protecting your racket, let us know and we will send you a replacement! This can be done up to 5 times and lasts as long as it is for the same racket!