Here are some frequently asked questions and answers!

Q-What does it mean that the GECKODERM Protective Skin is Self-Healing?

A- It means that with GECKODERM installed, minor scratches and scrapes will naturally mend back together when exposed to sunlight. The film is made of a special polymer that holds a memory of its original form and returns to it when exposed to heat. 

Q- Is GECKODERM easy to install?

A-Your product will come with an instruction sheet outlining the instructions. For additional help, watch this video.

Q-Is it a good idea to buy GECKODERM even if my board is no longer new?

A- Although GECKODERM cannot erase all previous damage, you can still prevent future dings and make your board look better now! The unique glossy sheen will still give your board new life, and maybe even convince you your board is new again-- It's like giving your board a new start;)

Q-Can I take GECKODERM off if I need/want to?

A-Yes, the adhesive used for the GECKODERM Protective Skin is very strong, but it will peel off if needed!

Q- What is the reason I would want to put a GECKDERM skin on my board?

A- For Basically the same reason you put screen protector on your Iphone-- to make sure its protected against scratches, scrapes, and keep it looking new. Other benefits include- a glossy 'like new' sheen, easier clean up after muddy/salty rides, and peace of mind.

Q- Where did the idea for GECKODERM originate?

A- It came when I was sitting down after a college class and I looked at my scraped up board. I thought- "Maybe there is a way to fix this for other riders," and that was the beginning of GECKODERM.