Our Story

We founded GECKODERM because we saw a need for a clear, easy way for riders to take care of their gear. 

It all started with an idea-- what if we could protect a longboard deck with a clear strong protective film, just like we do with our iPhone screen protectors? 

From there, the idea developed into a reality, and the GECKODERM protective skin was born. Since that time, GECKODERM has evolved to protect other equipment such as tennis rackets and mountain bikes. The mission remains the same--to help avid enthusiasts to protect the equipment they care about. 

It is often a large investment for new enthusiasts to purchase their gear, so it is important to keep it in prime condition. We are here to help make that easier with a way to protect your investment that doesn't change the performance or the appearance of your gear. 

The GECKODERM skin is made of high-quality self healing thermopolyurethane (the same material that was originally designed to protect military helicopter propellors), is hydrophobic to help repel dirt and mud, and is perfectly clear to make cleaning your board a breeze!

We promise to provide you with the highest quality and best looking way to keep your equipment looking new!




We want to help you #RIDEWITHCONFIDENCE