Universal Longboard

Universal Longboard

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Your longboard is a work of art! You probably bought it because you loved the cool graphics on the bottom. The GECKODERM Protective film adheres to the underside of the deck to protect it from scratches and damage. Think clear military-grade film mixed with a screen protector for your iPhone. That is what GECKODERM is for your board.


 - GECKODERM is a clear, high-quality, protective skin that adheres to the underside of a longboard, protecting the graphics from damage.

-Made from high-density self-healing film, it is the best deck protection option available. The skin can be removed or replaces easily just like you would remove a car decal. 

 - The skin is easy to cut to fit each longboard design to accommodate differing longboard shapes and sizes. (Comes in regular (40") and mini (35") sizes).


If you are interested in preserving the aesthetic look and feel of your longboard, order today!